This is Intreppid

The Leading DDoS Protected Hosting Provider

24/7/365 Customer Support

Our highly trained and effective team is here day and night, ready to help. We pride our-self in staffing only the best in the industry.

Enterprise Grade Hardware

When we put gear in our data center, we only go with the best. We use Juniper, Supermicro, and Intel to power our machines. No reselling someones else 3rd rate equipment here.

Global Network

With hosting and mitigation services in Los Angeles, New York, and Amsterdam, Intreppid can facilitate your global gaming foot-mark.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Still not convinced? We back up everything we say with a 99.9% SLA. No funny business.

We Stop DDoS

Ready to stop worrying and start playing?

Make your gaming community stand out from the the crowd and become a gaming legend.


Full Server Access

All servers come with full SSH or remote desktop access along with your choice of any OS, giving you ultimate control over your system.

Free Bandwidth Pooling

Bandwidth pooling means each of your servers bandwidth limits are added together and shared across all of your services.

DDoS Protection Ready

All of Intreppids services can be upgraded to have the very best gaming DDoS protection.

In-Depth Knowledge Base

Intreppid offers an ever expanding knowledge base to help you quickly solve any problems.

Giving back to the community

Intreppid prides itself in giving back to the gaming community by sponsoring services that move the world of online gaming forward.

The Intreppid Promise

Intreppid promises to provide the best gaming services in the world. Know a way we can improve? We review all feedback and implement many client ideas into our services.

Clients We Have Helped


See what people are saying,

"We'd just like to say thanks to Intreppid for providing great mitigation on DDoS attacks. Make sure to check them out."

− Lee,

"The Shotbow Network is proudly hosted on Staminus Servers. We have been very fortunate to be hosted by a company that truly cares and works diligently day and night to keep the servers running at optimum efficiency and mitigating DDoS attacks. If you have ever thought about running your own Minecraft servers we highly recommend joining us on the Intreppid owned Staminus Servers – Let them take care of you!"

− HighlifeTTU, Shotbow Network

"<3 Intreppid"

− MD5, Spigot

"Here at Crewniverse we are very happy with the quality of service provided by Intreppid's dedicated servers and DDoS mitigation! <3"

− Crewniverse

"We've been hosting with Intreppid for a while now, and we can proudly say that they are the best in the business. With awesome and fast support; lots of freedom, amazing internet speeds and some of the best specs around: Intreppid is the way to go for any server, great or small."

− Obi | Minigame Palooza Director

"So @Intreppid.

Much server.

Very safe.


− Planet Minecraft

"I would definitely recommend our host Intreppid to anyone, great servers and some of the best support I have ever..."

− Casual Bananas